5 Items You Must Bring to the Drive-In Movies

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If you live near Columbia, South Carolina, then you know the Big Mo. Monetta Drive-In is the place to go if you want to be in the great outdoors and the movie theatre. So, if you love going to the drive-in, here are some drive-in movie musts!

  • Lawn chairs – If you don’t want to be stuck in your car, bring along lawn chairs! You can make a little campground in front of your vehicle.
  • Air mattress – Want to make a real bed out of your truck bed? Just blow up an air mattress and pop it in your trunk bed for the ultimate comfy drive-in experience.
  • Clean-up – Bring plenty of clean-up gear! If you’re bringing your own food (highly recommended), then you should also bring trash bags, napkins, and paper towels to make sure messiness doesn’t ruin your fun time.
  • Bug spray – Don’t forget the bug spray! No matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, bugs might single you out. Bring plenty of spray to keep them away.
  • Portable radio – If you don’t want to kill your battery or eat up your gas, then you should bring along a portable radio, that way you can listen to the movie and still start your car at the end of the night.

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