5 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

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Nothing tastes better than a good and hearty Thanksgiving meal. The turkey is delicious, the cranberries are sweet, and the apple pie is divine! All of that stuffing is going to make you stuffed. However, you will still probably have a lot left over from your Thanksgiving feast. So what should you do with it? Try creating one of these five Thanksgiving leftover recipes to eat after Turkey Day.

  1. Turkey BLT

Add another “T” to the BLT combination by throwing in some of the leftover Turkey that you have. It will take this classic sandwich to the next level.

  1. Cranberry Pancakes

The morning after your Thanksgiving feast, wake up to something equally as delicious by creating pancakes made with the festive cranberries as an ingredient.

  1. Turkey Noodle Soup

Put a new spin on the classic soup to help you warm up on a chilly November day by adding in Turkey instead of chicken.

  1. Turkey Pot Pie

Speaking of replacing chicken with turkey, substitute the chicken in your chicken pot pie to make it a turkey pot pie.

  1. Turkey Chili

Spice things up after a traditional Thanksgiving dinner by using your leftovers to create a hot and delicious Turkey chili for everybody to enjoy.

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