Best Fall Activities

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Taking advantage of the pleasant fall weather is something everyone wants to do, whether they live in the city or open country. Fall is known for cool weather and family-friendly holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here at Dick Dyer Volvo, we have a few ideas for the best fall activities that you and your family can try this season!

  • Hayride – If you own a pickup truck, load it up with hay and then take the family and friends on a classic hayride. If you don’t own a truck, see if a local farmer offers hayrides during the fall season. In many rural communities, hayrides are paired with corn mazes, making for a great way to spend the day!
  • Haunted House – There’s no better way to get into the fall spirit than to visit a haunted house! From the scariest of the bunch to those designed to give kids a mild fright, there are haunted houses for all ages. Make sure to check out one in your area. Everyone needs a good scare!
  • Candles – Every fall, candle companies unleash a tirade of fall-scented candles on stores and odds are they’ll end up in your home one way or another. Pick out a scent that you’ll love and light it up every night to give your home a pleasant smell.

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