Five Reasons to Take a Sunday Drive

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Over time, we have a tendency to think of driving as a mere means to get from here to there. But is that how you felt when you first took the helm as an excited and nervous 16-year-old? Probably not. And this is why we need hit the road at the end of the week just for the sake of it. Here are five reasons to take a Sunday drive.

# 1 – There’s something about driving and talking.

Just like driving, we often talk to each other just to pass on practical life information. A Sunday drive lets us drive just to drive, and talk just to talk.

# 2 – You always need some me-time.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to be alone. Taking a lonely Sunday drive can be a great way to get in some quality “me-time.”

# 3 – Sightsee in your own hometown.

When we think of taking road trips, we always imagine going somewhere else. Taking a Sunday drive can give us the opportunity to see your usual surroundings with new eyes.

# 4 – It’s an opportunity to disconnect.

How much time do you spend on your laptop or smartphone or tablet or smartwatch being “connected?” Take a Sunday drive—leave your phone at home.

# 5 – Get to know your Volvo.

A Sunday drive can also help you get familiar with the ins and outs of the in-vehicle technology and performance dynamics of your Volvo. Of course, you’d need a Volvo first. Visit Dick Dyer today to take a test drive!

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