Introducing the Volvo V90

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Volvo is here to redefine the word “station wagon”. The Volvo V90 Cross Country is the car you’ve been waiting for. While there’s still mystery surrounding it, here are some details we can share.

The V90 Cross Country is meant to take on extreme weather conditions. It’s been tested against all the elements, from dry heat to pouring rain to thick snow. Its ride height and chassis were developed specifically for harsh weather and roads. It should be able to tackle any type of road, whether you’re driving through the desert or the marshlands.

It’s not just about its stellar road performance, though. This station wagon will create a whole new image of “station wagon” in your head! The interior is lined with luxurious details that will have you never wanting to leave your car!

Top safety is paired with all of this to make the V90 irresistible. Driver-assistive technologies like collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and blind spot detection all give you help on the road so you always feel safe and confident behind the wheel.

So, when will you get to see the V90 for yourself? The exact release date hasn’t been shared yet, but you can expect it to hit North American grounds is early 2017.

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