A Few Offbeat Travel Destinations in South Carolina

When it comes to the road less traveled, there are a lot of those in South Carolina. Some of them lead nowhere, others to natural springs that bring healing. Here are a few of the more offbeat travel destinations in South Carolina.

Angel Oak Tree – Charleston

Whenever you are feeling old, just visit the Angel Oak Tree. Located off State Route 700 in John’s Island, this thing is estimated to be around five centuries old. The tree is a live oak, meaning it grows outward more than upward. The result is a majestic and awe-inspiring beauty.

Mars Bluff Crater – Florence

Somewhere near Florence—and you should really check here for specific directions—there’s a crater where a nuclear bomb once accidentally fell from a bombed plane. Of course, once you find it out that it lacked the capacity to actually create a nuclear explosion, it might seem less exciting. But it certainly wasn’t for Walter Gregg. It fell on his garden and scratched his wife on the head.

God’s Acre Healing Springs – Blackville

Coughing and sniffling? Got the kind of cold that just won’t quit? Visit God’s Acre Healing Springs! Located somewhere near Blackville in the South Carolina wilderness, the legend of this healing spring goes back all the way to the Revolutionary War. Luckily, its most recent owner deeded the spring to God. And being that God is of such charitable spirit, the spring is free to use for the public.

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