Recent 2018 Volvo V90 Debut Includes Details on Exclusivity

Volvo made big headlines at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, debuting their new V90 Wagon family after months of anticipation. The Volvo V90 is scheduled to arrive in the summer, sold with the S90 sedan, XC90 SUV, and the V90 Cross Country.

However, Volvo announced that the upcoming V90 will be more exclusive than the rest of its family, only available as a custom-order. To buy a 2018 Volvo V90, you will have to go through Volvo’s online concierge or order it overseas.

But for a vehicle as gorgeous as the 2018 Volvo V90, we think it’s well worth it.

Volvo’s display in Geneva included an all-wheel drive version of the vehicle, powered by a turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which produces up to 316 horsepower.

We don’t know much else about the vehicle, but since it’s from Volvo, it’s safe to assume that it will come with a luxurious interior and all the latest technology, inside and out. Online orders are said to start soon, so we will likely know more in the near future.

In the meantime, to learn more about the 2018 Volvo V90 debut or see what Volvo models we currently have in store, contact us or visit us anytime, here at Dick Dyer Volvo.

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