Spotlight on the 2017 Volvo XC60

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The all-new 2017 Volvo XC60 is out to impress everyone. It’s not just a winner in critics’ eyes, but consumers love it, too!

The XC60 has already earned multiple awards from critics in Germany, like Family Car of the Year and Company Car of the Year. It’s impressing critics in America just as much. But it’s not just the critics’ opinions that matter. What matters even more is the opinion of drivers like yourself.

Starting with its impressive engine, the XC60 hits every mark when it comes to performance. The engine’s supercharger on the T6 trim level launches you when you hit the gas pedal, giving a quicker response than a standard turbocharged engine.

It’s not just performance that impresses drivers. This SUV has plenty of room for family and cargo. According to consumers, both back and front seats are very comfortable, making it perfect for road trips.

Another bonus are all the safety features that are sure to keep the family safe. It’s earned a 5-star safety rating from critics for features like blind spot monitor and collision warning with auto braking.

You’ll see just how much you love the Volvo XC60 when you hop behind the wheel for yourself. Take it for a spin today at Dick Dyer Volvo.

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