Spring Cleaning Tips for Technology

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It’s time to do your yearly spring cleaning, and an oft-neglected part of that is cleaning your technology. We spend so much time on our devices every day like our laptops and phones that they get just as cluttered and dirty as our houses and cars. Here are some spring cleaning tips for technology to clear up space and improve performance.

First of all, go through your phone and delete old apps you don’t need or use. If you’ve only used it once or twice since you downloaded it eight months ago, get rid of it! That also goes for old photos. We snap pictures all the time, and it takes up major space on our phones. Transfer them to your computer and delete them off your phone.

You should also clear up your laptop. Use a file cleaner to get rid of old files and run a virus scan, and even consider defragmenting your computer. Find out if you need to defrag manually here.

It’s a good idea to clean your devices physically too, by wiping them down with cleaners to get rid of buildup under phone cases and fingerprints—especially if you have a touchscreen laptop. You should even clean off your headphones.

The staff at Dick Dyer Volvo wishes you luck with your spring cleaning!

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