Stylish Holiday Decorating for the Classy Home

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A lot of Christmas-themed decorations are made to be gaudy, tacky, and loud. It’s a great way for some people to get swept away in the holiday cheer. However, maybe you don’t want your home to look quite as outlandishly Christmas-y during the winter. Here are a few stylish holiday decorating ideas for those who want their holiday decorations to match the good looks of their home. Bonus? It looks great when you host the Christmas party.

Color Is Important: Instead of opting for the typical red-and-green theme, select a color scheme that goes with your home and use it for a more cohesive decorative look.

Ornaments Everywhere: Instead of covering the tree in mismatched, sparkling ornaments, hang a few ornaments off of any hanging light fixtures around your home. Use any leftover ornament bulbs in clear vases.

Don’t Underestimate Green: If you just can’t avoid a little touch of Christmas color, add lush greenery to your rooms in the form of fake leaves – the kind you’d use for a wreath. Use it in small doses for a big effect.

Get Matching Dishes: One of the best parts of the season is bowls of candy and treats on cake stands, but don’t let that interfere with your stylish holiday decorating; invest in a matching set of dishes.

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