Volvo at Techno Classica Celebrates 90 Years


The world’s largest classic car show, Techno Classica, is held in Essen, Germany each year. This year, Volvo celebrated its 90th anniversary at the classic show. But, it did not just showcase its past; Volvo at Techno Classica showed off its present and future as well.

Techno Classica was held April 5th-9th this year.

Volvo’s first car rolled out of the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden on April 14, 1927. At Techno Classica, showgoers were able to see a 1934 PV654, which has an American-inspired design and a strong V6 engine. The PV600-series was produced for eight year with approximately 4,400 models made.

Another classic Volvo on display was the 1957 PV444, often called “The Little Volvo.” This was Volvo’s first car that was affordable enough for the average buyers. In addition, it was the first Volvo model to be exported to the United States.

Also on display was Volvo’s all-new XC60, which made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. This car is designed for buyers with an active lifestyle and comes with a dynamic design and the latest technology.

While the classic car show may be over, you can try out any of the current Volvo models at Dick Dyer Volvo for yourself.

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