Volvo’s Autonomous Driving Efforts

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Self-driving cars will likely be here within the next decade, and Volvo is looking to lead the industry. Volvo’s autonomous driving program has come a long way with advances in safety and adaptive technologies. Self-driving technology is the next step in automotive innovation.

Volvo is dedicated to making your time on the road easier, smoother, and more efficient. The latest developments in autonomous technology make use of sensors and radar to do just that.

Collision Warning with Brake Support marked a change in the industry when Volvo unveiled it in 2006. Later that same year, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure Warning were added into the mix. Volvo continuing adding new and improved innovative technologies to the docket.

In 2012, the brand revealed the Park Assist Pilot, a more advanced autonomous system. That same year saw nearly half-a-dozen more advanced technologies enter the fray. Now, five years, later, Volvo is changing pace once again.

The Drive Me pilot has jump started the research and development departments of automakers across the globe. The advanced autonomous system is one of the most developed the world has ever seen.

We at Dick Dyer Volvo are impressed to see how far Volvo’s autonomous driving projects have come.

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